How Far Can a Mosquito Fly?

Posted on 29th May 2011 in Mosquitoes

The first answer is a fairly broad one of between 200 metres and 12 miles dependent upon the species (and a following wind). The Asian Tiger mosquito is one of the home lovers not travelling more than a few hundred metres, whilst Culex pipiens venture out to around 3 miles and the Marsh mosquitoes raise the limits to 12+ miles.

However an understanding of Odysseus Malaria shows the mosquito has often travelled between neighbouring countries, as well as whole continents.

Essentially Odysseus Malaria is the collective name for various modes of transportation involved in displacing a mosquito from an endemic area to an area known to be clear of malaria.

Recently (December 2010) there were six reported cases of the deadly Plasmodim falciprium with the resulting death of a 2 year old girl. This ‘outbreak’ occurred in mile area in Slovo Park, Soweto, South Africa and 5 of the 6 had not travelled outside the area. It is thought the malaria carrying mosquitoes were imported via a  minibus taxi from neighbouring Zimbabwe or Mozambique. There have been no more reported cases and it is normal for the infected mosquito and offspring to soon die off due to the different and unfavourable conditions they are  introduced to.

Airport malaria, Baggage malaria, Port malaria, Container malaria, Taxi rank malaria and Minibus malaria are all names given to this way of contacting the disease -and as indicated above, these are all collectively now known as Odysseus malaria. The name taken after Odysseus of Trojan War fame and his many and varied forms of transport to complete his odyssy.

The real danger of this form of malaria is that in many  instances the treating physician does not consider it in his diagnosis until probably too late. Like most complaints early diagnoisis and treatment will hugely increase the patients chances of a full recovery, but  early Malaria symptoms can easily be intially thought to be simply flu and the only real clue is the reduced platelets in the blood count -and thenobviously  only IF a blood test has been taken and a platelet count requested.

So essentially a mosquito can travel as far as you can – and can please herself if she’s in First Class or Coach!

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