Do sound mosquito repellents work?

Posted on 20th June 2011 in Compare & Review

Now the theory is that once a female mosquito has her eggs fertilsed she will actively avoid any further contact with the male. In order to to do this, the theorey goes,  she can recognise the sound of the vibrations from the wing beat of the male which it is claimed is sufficiently different from a females  to enable this to happen – thus, upon recognising such wingbeats the female is ‘repelled’ away so as  to avoid any  further and now  unwanted attentions of the male.  

A couple of questions reards this theory imediately spring to mind.

Firstly I believe it is widely accepted that female mosquitoes are deaf.

Secondly I canot imagine what other power throttle  control a mosquito would have that enables it to change speed as it is evidently  does as it does not fly around at exactly the same speed.   I suppose someone may argue it can adjust its speed by altering the angle of its wings (bit like a helicopter) but I cannot imagine how  nature could have engineered  the mosquito with a straight on / off wing speed – a speed which is immediately attained  from a ’standing’ start.

Would manufacturers of such sound emitting repellents suggest a mosquit on its approach to your skin cuts power and glides in for a soft landing as I have never heard of anyone ‘feeling’ a mosquito land on them -come to that I’ve never heardof anyone ever feel the ‘bite’ although we do know this is because of the anti coagulant and anesthitic the thief injects us with before its meal.

Then there are other manufacturers who claim the repellence of the female is triggerd by mimicking the wingbeat of a predator. I’m suprised then no one has tried the thud of a fly swatter as they always seem to ‘hear’ this and get out the way whenever I’m using one!

Suffice it to say you will find enough evidence online from such bodies as the Which Consumer Magazine, US National Institue of Health, The Hospital for Tropical Diseases, The Chochrane Foundation and the Neotropical Entomlogy Dept. Uninversity of Maine -all of whom have conducted  full research into this question and all have concluded such sound emitting devices do NOT work

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